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Love Found at Lone Fir

If deep rooted lies desire
How then does it feed?
For its denial surely fires
This sensational need
For spirit, soul and fiery blood
Skin bare upon my own
Eyes effusing parallel love
Both appetites are honed
Better now to have grown fonder
Of its coming withheld
So freely I can bravely wander
Now urgency has quelled
Serenity I truly found
Not grasping out for more
Just embracing this new sound
That my sweet silence bore

*This may eventually be…something. A song? A longer poem? It feels unfinished, but here it is in its current form:

Beauty Be

A beautiful blaze shows a face in a way

That gives meaning to breathing

Eyes soot-smeared and smoke-stung

See vis-à-vis past the pupils

To little-known land rife with passion

And layers of light that feed

Worthy gardens well our own

Sweet souls, can’t you see?

Such truth so soothes my spirit

Burdened hearts can say more than

Lungs can bear or have air for

Yet I fear if I flee the heat of this fire

I’ll surely feel cold forever after

Till lavender skies borne of autumn storms

Offer animation long absent

Though so long the sun did grace us its glow

Quickened clouds give way to night

Wind felling leaves which bed beasts below

Earth now kissing what all season it’s seen

Branches bare but inwardly stirring

Jagged accented skies insist on awareness

And revelations not to be missed

Sharp reminders of change done and to be


Same as the dark isn’t death but the breath we need to breed life come the light in the morning

And if I fail to dream in my sleep let them reap my thoughts wrought with wonder until under I fall

Laid stark for the world as I should be

Fighting thinking of all that could be


Sweet stinging nettles with tiny glass pedals I throw in the kettle

To heal our worn bodies from being

Now, drink up, dear ones, fill your cups

And together we’ll settle


Beauty be

Here with me

And loom ever brighter than the flickering fire

Where all of this first began



Wayward in these woods I once knew well

Shuffling through fallen foliage to find familiar trails

Heard a whisper just beyond the edge of trees

My eyes followed my feet to meet the sound to see

If I could brave the naked air to uncover

What the wide open world would bear

Searching for new substance

On a familiar spectrum

My sooty-footed graceful prints

Mark history in snow as I

Then melded and moonlit

Dusky grey twilight

Reveals the marvel ahead

Drain this flooded valley right into me

Feel the rumble underfoot

So fighters ever fierce, stand back

Watch the band of coyotes pick me apart

Form a line to the side to be set free

Far and away the bravest souls

Have nothing really to show

It’s those poor at heart screaming

Echo, echoes I can’t follow

Such hollow howls render no rescue

Gather now for a spectacle unequaled

See the water’s mystery alight

The blaze didn’t burn bright but the burgundy of blood

No flickering flames just a free flow from below

Were they flames at all? They surely gifted heat

Could be these dewy, roadworn eyes bedeviling me

Don’t wait until it’s comfortable, come close

Let in your stellar sister’s steady glow

Transcende terra firma

oxford alley.png

Rushed bodies nigh

Pound stones to find

A waiting chamber

Life left outside

He crafts a tale

Intuiting lines

In intimate echoes, he

Bellows the man’s voice

And mellows the lady’s

Folds in the details

And holds for the climax

Lingers there willfully

Taking care to keep

Constantly, crushingly raw



Imagination bears unique connection

Impulsive fingers that sketch swift impressions

On excited flesh above pulsating rivers

Throughout dispatching an inspired fever


Dual gazes trace patterns discreetly scheming

Trespassing layers one by one leaking

Repressed aggression turned animal fervor

Muscles contract expel energy further


Hot heavy breath primes orbed organ slips steaming

Yet shrouded streamlining an expectant meeting

Of hearts, minds and hides aflame from within

Wrought with suspension let melting begin


Heaped rounds under cotton-draped cascading eaves

Lie once-caged beasts turned recluses freed

Though yearning to stay she knows he won’t ask

Both know despite trying the feeling won’t last


Sweaty and pale

Their story ends there

Dim yellow streetlights

Cast in through the veil

No further exchange

All is exhausted

Save winsome glances

Hair shorn to the skull

No care for the cold

Belabored body

Mind free to receive

Thoughts eking in

This thrifty sinner’s

Escaping imminent pain


Lost & Found



I am what is beneath

Freer from the ruse

Of aimless vacuum circuitry

A sullen girl sunken

Into seeing

Bucked the whole way


Now options abound

Except to rise

Again to vacancy

My I was beneath

I, engineered

Flame less



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