Sisyphus! Hope! Death enchained!

Full Jane is in effect this month. In this period of my existential momentum (I hesitated to put "upswing", as the reactive downswing would seem inherent...and maybe it is), I've been pondering an awful lot on death, how to react in truth to my emotions as opposed to what I've learned to do, and how … Continue reading Sisyphus! Hope! Death enchained!


Fall into Spring

Two days ago I was meant to be returning to the U.S. from Africa, but most of you already know I’ve been back home in Portland for about six weeks. I’m more than satisfied with my decision to leave early. Here and there I thought about writing a blog detailing my experience in Cameroon, but after going … Continue reading Fall into Spring

Power & Peril

Power & Peril This little side-project song is a sort of jumping-off-point to my...jumping off. Into newness. Writing went quickly. Recording was difficult--most takes were done in the back of my Subaru, like a lot of things these days, until I finally found some free space to stand up today and knocked it out. Things are interesting. I'm working on … Continue reading Power & Peril

The things are happening (lots of photos)

The above photo is next week’s destination, The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. My improv* instructor/friend/client/all-around-awesome-lady invited me along to help with her awesome kiddo while she participates in a short-term artist-in-residence program, Concert as Theatre. So, while not an invited artist, I do get amateur peek-a-boo privileges and will be immersed in this phenomenal … Continue reading The things are happening (lots of photos)

Ah Um

Contained within: Jane leaves Portland, cries in the laundromat and car-musicks. Yesterday morning at the laundromat, I was listening to a song I’d heard a few times before but wasn’t really caught by. When I sat down I just pressed the ‘Play’ button on my laptop, and since it was the most recent thing I’d … Continue reading Ah Um